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State of the States (Week of November 18th, 2016)

State of the States (Week of November 18th, 2016)

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For the Week of November 18th



“Every day that we carry on with our current, duplicative method of registering voters is another day that taxpayers foot the bill for unnecessary government bureaucracy.”

- In a recent statement, Illinois state Sen. Daniel Biss (D) outlined Senate Democrats’ reasons for overriding GOP Gov. Rauner’s veto of an automatic voter registration bill. Following the Senate's 38-18 vote, the measure (which passed both chambers earlier this year with strong bipartisan support) will head to the House, where it will be considered when lawmakers return to Springfield on November 29. Sen. Biss, who co-sponsored the legislation that would automatically register voters seeking a new or updated license or other services from state departments, contended that “(The bill) has been thoroughly vetted, it makes sense and it should be the law in Illinois.”


Why Democrats can't lose sight of the real prize: The states

Paul Waldman (The Week)
November 17, 2016

It's no secret that the Democratic Party in the states has withered during Barack Obama's eight years in office. That usually happens — people tend to blame the president for everything from foreign crises to the crack in the sidewalk in front of their house, and take it out on his party — but the decline during this presidency has been particularly steep. And now, as Democrats try to claw their way out of the crater they find themselves in, they need to pay attention to the states, as much as they may not want to...

And it's going to be particularly hard now, given who just got elected president. Donald Trump will be so disastrous in so many ways — some of which we haven't even imagined yet — that it will be hard for any Democrat to turn their attention away from him. How can you worry about a state representative race when the president might plunge us into a nuclear war because somebody flamed him on Twitter?

It's not easy. But it's necessary.

The reason is not just that state legislatures and governors make laws that affect people's lives, but that what happens in states feeds into national politics. For instance, when the Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act, it's Republican state legislatures that go on a voter suppression spree, putting up barriers to African-Americans and other likely Democrats getting registered and getting to the polls. That means fewer Democratic members of Congress get elected, and the Democratic presidential candidate has a tougher time. And the circle goes round and round...

For that to change, Democrats at all levels have to put the same kind of effort and thought into the state legislature that they do into national politics. There's nothing wrong with giving $100 to Hillary Clinton's campaign, but it would have made more of a difference to your local state representative candidate, who didn't have a half-billion dollar budget. The same is true if you're a major donor, or if you want to volunteer for a campaign, or if you want to do some lobbying on a critical issue, or if you want to run for office yourself. Every opportunity that exists on the national level can be found in a smaller version at the state level — where you can have more of an impact.

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Despite harrowing election, Democrats make net legislative gain, picking up 4 chambers to GOP's 3

Stephen Wolf (Daily Kos)
November 11, 2016

Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory has rightly dominated the headlines, but Americans across the country voted in key elections for state legislatures, and it’s important we heed these developments, too. After the 2014 wave, Republicans dominated state legislatures at a level not seen since the Civil War, leaving Democrats optimistic about rebounding. However, while Trump’s resilience helped mute Democratic gains, Democrats still managed to net one legislative chamber this year.

Among the 86 chambers that held elections in 2016, Democrats gained control of four while Republicans secured power in three, leaving Republicans in charge of 68 chambers and Democrats just 31. Republicans gained total control over the legislature in Minnesota, Iowa, and Kentucky, while Democrats did the same in Nevada and New Mexico. Democrats also broke the Republican grip on the legislature in Alaska to produce a divided government between the two chambers there. The map at the top of this post details exactly which chambers changed hands.

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Once again, Michigan Dems receive more votes in the State House, but Republicans hold onto power

Tom Perkins (Detroit Metro Times)
November 16, 2016

There's a lot of justifiable outrage over a Republican presidential candidate coming up short in the popular vote but winning the presidency for the second time since 2000...

But just as outrageous is the similar scenario that played out in the last two election cycles at the state level in Michigan. In 2014 and 2016, Democrats received more votes in the State House races, yet Republicans hold a huge 63-47 majority and push a deeply conservative agenda that a majority of voters don't want.

How could that be? That's classic gerrymandering. As MT reported a year ago, Republicans redrew the state's 110 state legislative districts in 2010 in such a way that Democratic voters are herded into a small number of districts. The majority of Republican voters, conversely, are spread among a much larger number of districts.

Whoever controls more districts controls the House. So "packing and stacking" Democrats into a small number districts makes it easy for Republicans to hold onto power, even if Democrats get more votes statewide. And when that happens, the government passes laws that are unpopular, but it's difficult to vote Republicans out of office.

To put it bluntly, gerrymandering is a legal form of election theft, and the results support that.

According to numbers posted on the Michigan Secretary of State's website, Democratic House of Representative candidates received 2,302,417 in 2016. Republican candidates received 2,283,727 — an advantage of about 18,000 for Democrats...

Voters only cast ballots for one senate race in 2016, but in 2014, the raw count came in close to even, yet Republicans hold a 27-11 majority.

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DLCC 2016 Election Analysis

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
November 16, 2016

The 2016 elections were challenging for Democrats everywhere. As a result of this year’s surprisingly strong GOP performance, Republican power has expanded substantially at some levels of American government – but Democratic power expanded in state legislatures. Democratic power in statehouses will, on the whole, expand as a result of this year’s elections.

Democrats ended Republican majority control of at least four legislative chambers, including: the Nevada Assembly, the Nevada Senate, the New Mexico House, and the Alaska House.

The new Democratic majorities in Nevada will end GOP trifecta control of state government, empowering Democrats to fight for progressive priorities like education funding and other policies that fell victim to GOP obstructionism over the past two years of Republican control, including raising the state’s minimum wage and implementing paid family leave. Additionally, with Aaron Ford becoming Senate Majority Leader and the Democratic Caucus’s election of Jason Frierson as House Speaker, African American leaders hold two of the most powerful positions in Nevada government.

Winning a Democratic majority in the New Mexico House and expanding our majority in the state Senate clearly establishes a mandate for progressive solutions to the state budget crisis. Destructive GOP policies and Republican obstructionism have left the state with a $50 million budget hole, and the next legislative session will likely be dominated by budget cuts and revenue bills.

Democrats expanded their majorities in several chambers while maintaining crucial majorities in others. You can view a list of chamber gains here. Additionally, Democrats now hold 100 percent of the seats in the Hawaii Senate.

Other Democratic achievements include electing at least 89 Latina lawmakers across 24 states, including the first-ever latina to serve in Georgia's legislature, electing 228 Hispanic legislators nationwide, electing the nation's first Somali-American lawmaker in Minnesota, and electing over 40 Native American lawmakers, many for the first time, in 15 states.

DLCC’s investments and strategies in these down-ballot races empowered many of our candidates to overcome the challenges presented by this unique election cycle.

Democrats raised more money in the 2016 cycle than ever before, facilitating high-quality training of caucus and campaign staff that resulted in quality candidate recruitment, strong in-state fundraising efforts, and skillfully-executed campaigns nationwide.

DLCC made major early investments in our Grassroots Victory Program, DLCC’s national field operation that arms in-state organizers with the skills, training, and technology needed to run winning grassroots outreach campaigns. GVP operated in 21 states in 2016, with over 400 GVP-trained organizers accounting for over 13 million contacts in key legislative races.

The fight to build Democratic power in statehouses nationwide continues. Our nation’s forward progress depends on thwarting the ultra-conservative agenda pushed by GOP lawmakers across the country. Democratic lawmakers everywhere continue the fight against Republican policies to suppress voting, deny equal rights, oppress LGBT Americans, restrict choice, and undermine the economic security of hardworking families. Democratic legislators champion progress, equal rights for all, and the middle-class values that make America great. These battles endure in statehouses nationwide because Americans deserve better.

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Health Care

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Voting Rights

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