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State of the States (Week of June 15th, 2016)

State of the States (Week of June 15th, 2016)

For the Week of June 15th



“If the Dems start trying to muck us up, then I’ll do the same.”

Kansas state Representative John Whitmer (R) is threatening to introduce legislation restricting the rights of transgender students if House Democrats try to amend a school finance bill. The legislation would echo North Carolina's controversial HB2 and will prevent students from using school bathrooms that do not match the gender on their birth certificates. Whitmer has not said whether or not he will introduce the legislation during the House's special session; instead he will use the threat of the bill to play political games with the rights of Kansas students.

"The Women's division is open to all biological females ages 18 and over. Sorry fellers, 'identifying' as a female won't get you into this contest; Obama has no control over this event."

Tennessee state Representative Andy Holt (R) tacked this bigoted remark onto an invitation to his upcoming campaign event, the "1st Annual Holt's Hog-fest & Turkey Shoot Fundraiser." Holt is getting backlash for what he plans to give away as a door prize at the Hog-Fest: two AR-15 assault rifles, the same model used in the extremely recent Orlando mass shooting and other U.S. mass shootings. While Holt originally planned to only give away one assault weapon, he decided to "double down" after Orlando. Not only is his callous attitude toward these military weapons unhealthy, his anti-LGBT rhetoric and insensitive approach to this past weekend's attack is dangerous.


Hundreds of bills to curb LGBT rights preceded Orlando attack. Is there a link?

Curtis Tate & Anna Douglas (McClatchy DC)
June 13, 2016

In the six months before the weekend massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, more than 200 bills had been introduced at the state and local levels to restrict the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

While other motives may have inspired the attack, which killed 49 people, advocates say the rate of hate crimes against LGBT people goes up when there is a debate over their rights. ...

David Dinielli, deputy legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, said LGBT people have been targeted for hate crimes in extreme numbers and rates. The rates go up when there is a debate about the rights of LGBT people, he said, especially when the rhetoric is false.

Dinielli said that religious liberty, safety and privacy have become the weapons of choice for lawmakers determined to undercut the legal victories LGBT people have achieved, including gay marriage and transgender rights. ...

Also in North Carolina, Republican state Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam said HB2 is in no way a law that promotes violence against LGBT people. Critics of HB2 who say the law is discriminatory against LGBT people are wrong, Stam said. ...

The gay club that Mateen targeted had nothing to do with rhetoric surrounding laws like HB2, Stam said. Mateen’s motives, Stam said, appear to be tied to his religious leanings and views on the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

In Mississippi, sponsors of House Bill 1523, which gives businesses and other organizations the right to refuse marriage-related services to members of the LGBT community, said Monday that the law has nothing to do with the shootings in Orlando.

“It does not promote discrimination,” said Rep. Randy Boyd, a Republican from North Mississippi. “It just protects Christians from being forced to do something that they don’t believe in.

“This shooting was done by a Muslim because they hate homosexuals,” Boyd said. “We don’t hate homosexuals. We don't like what they’re doing. But we’re not out to get them or kill them or anything like that. We love the sinner, hate the sin.”

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Down and Out and Voteless in Ohio

The Editorial Board (The New York Times)
June 13, 2016

The attempts by Republican lawmakers to suppress the turnout of Democratic-leaning voters in the 2016 election have reached shameless levels in Ohio — a swing state where it turns out that even homeless citizens have been blocked from exercising their right to vote.

Thanks to a timely ruling last week from a federal district judge, Algenon Marbley, the obstacles to minorities at the polling booth come November may be less formidable than they might have been, though the state plans to appeal and problems remain. The judge struck down a 2014 Republican-sponsored state law that, among other things, required that absentee ballots be thrown out for essentially trivial mistakes. This, the judge ruled, discriminated against minority voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act, including homeless people disqualified for not providing precise addresses.

Other changes in the 2014 law shortened the period during which voters could correct such errors and barred election clerks from helping someone confused by the forms, unless the voter was physically disabled. ...

Last month, a different federal judge ruled unconstitutional another Ohio law that cut back early voting opportunities for citizens. Furious statehouse Republicans have denied any scheme to suppress Democratic voters, and Ohio’s secretary of state, Jon Husted, arguing that the decisions will produce “chaos,” said the state will appeal.

But Judge Marbley saw an unmistakably clear and politically motivated pattern of suppression. “The Republican-controlled General Assembly’s frenetic pace of introducing such legislation reflects questionable motives, given the wealth of other problems facing the state which actually needed solutions,” he declared.

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