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State of the States (Week of July 6th, 2016)

State of the States (Week of July 6th, 2016)

For the Week of July 6th



“That’s a privilege and they don’t have any rights, being illegal, knowingly illegal...You know, if I was illegal in another country, I wouldn’t be demanding stuff. I’d probably be deported.”

Minnesota state Representative Brian Daniels (R)  made this out-of-touch remark while campaigning for reelection to his Minnesota House seat. Daniels will face Democrat Patti Fritz who held the seat for over a decade before Daniels ousted her in 2014 by barely 200 votes. Daniels' bigoted anti-immigrant remark is a reflection of Trump's effect on down-ballot Republican candidates, who have been either distancing themselves from the presumptive nominee's xenophobic rhetoric, or jumping on the hateful bandwagon. Trump's presence at the top of the ticket will potentially sink the vote share of Republican legislative candidates who will struggle to outrun their party's standard-bearer as voters decline to split their tickets.

"The GOP needs to do more about this or soon it could be really bad...I liken it to the event horizon around a black hole: No matter how much energy you expend trying to escape the black hole's gravity you can never get away."

Republican operative and co-founder of Engage Nevada, Joseph Catania pointed out the growing gap in voter registration between Democrats and Republicans in important battleground states like Nevada. While polls may show Clinton and Trump in a tight race in the Silver State, the Democratic lead over Republicans among registered Nevada voters has increased this year by almost 20,000. While registration numbers have been good indicators for presidential election outcomes in battleground states, Democratic legislative candidates may experience a boost this cycle thanks in part to an increase in minority and Democratic registration. In states like Nevada where Democrats are seeking to regain majorities in both legislative chamber, this numbers advantage could be the key to capitol control.


Planned Parenthood seeks repeal of abortion laws in 8 states

David Crary, (Associated Press)
June 30, 2016

Planned Parenthood says it will work with its abortion-rights allies in eight states to repeal laws that may be vulnerable following the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down tough abortion restrictions in Texas.

The repeal campaign, announced Thursday, will initially target laws in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia, as well as measures in Texas that were not directly addressed by the Supreme Court ruling. Laws in other states may be targeted later.

"We will fight back state by state and law by law until every person has access to safe, legal abortion," said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. "No matter how long it takes, these laws will fall."

On Monday, in a 5-3 ruling, the Supreme Court struck down regulations in Texas that required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and forced abortion clinics to meet hospital-like physical standards. More than half of the state's 41 abortion clinics closed since the law passed in 2013.

The Supreme Court's ruling held that the regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit a woman's right to an abortion.

Soon after the ruling was announced, Texas-style laws were nullified in Mississippi, Wisconsin and Alabama.

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Judge blocks Mississippi law on objections to same-sex marriage

Jenny Jarvie, (Los Angeles Times)
July 1, 2016

A contentious Mississippi “religious freedom” law that would allow government workers and businesses to deny services to same-sex couples has been blocked by a federal judge.

Less than an hour before HB 1523 was due to go into effect Friday morning, U.S. District Judge Carlton W. Reeves issued a preliminary injunction, arguing the law “violates both the guarantee of religious neutrality and the promise of equal protection of the laws.”

“Persons who hold contrary religious beliefs are unprotected,” he wrote in his 60-page ruling. “The state has put its thumb on the scale to favor some religious beliefs over others.”

The law, signed by Gov. Phil Bryant in April in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, would have allowed government employees to refuse to issue marriage licenses or perform marriage ceremonies. It also permitted businesses and faith-based groups to deny housing, jobs and adoption and foster-care services to people based on their sexual orientation. ...

The Mississippi law allowed physicians and other medical professionals to “decline to participate in the provision” of sex reassignment procedures, psychological counseling or fertility services. It also prevented state government from taking discriminatory action against any churches, religious charities and private businesses that decline services to people violating their religious beliefs.

In his ruling, Reeves, an appointee of President Obama who is the second African American federal judge in Mississippi, drew a link between the state’s current "angst" on religious freedom and its opposition to desegregation during the civil rights era.

In a footnote, he noted that Bryant’s statement that the Supreme Court ruling usurped states’ right to self-governance “sounded familiar,” likening it to Gov. James P. Coleman's comment in the 1950s that Brown vs. Board of Education represented “an unwarranted invasion of the rights and powers of the states.”

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