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State of the States (Week of April 4th, 2016)

State of the States (Week of April 4th, 2016)

The Week of April 4th



"Now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID is gonna make a little bit of a difference as well."

-Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R), who helped pass the state's new voter ID law when he was a state senator, when asked by a local reporter how Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could carry Wisconsin in 2016. But aside from helping Republicans, the law's only other effect has been that it reportedly caused "major problems" at polling places in this week's primaries.

"I want teachers who won’t teach such vile things to our students."

-Virginia state Sen. Dick Black (R), responding by email to an AP English teacher who wrote to oppose Republican efforts at censorship in public school classrooms. The "moral sewage" Black objected to was actually the Pulitzer prize-winning work Beloved, a novel about slavery in the antebellum United States, which was named "the best work of American fiction of the last 25 years" by the New York Times.


The Republicans’ Gay Freakout

Frank Bruni (New York Times)
April 2, 2016

Our infrastructure is inexcusable, much of our public education is miserable and one of our leading presidential candidates is a know-nothing, say-anything egomaniac who yanks harder every day at the tattered fabric of civil discourse and fundamental decency in this country.

But let’s by all means worry about the gays! Let’s make sure they know their place. Keep them in check and all else falls into line, or at least America notches one victory amid so many defeats.

That must be the thinking behind Republican efforts to push through so-called religious liberty laws and other legislation — most egregiously in North Carolina — that excuse and legitimize anti-gay discrimination. They’re cynical distractions. Politically opportunistic sideshows.

And the Republicans who are promoting them are playing a short game, not a long one, by refusing to acknowledge a clear movement in our society toward L.G.B.T. equality, a trajectory with only one shape and only one destination.

They’re also playing a provincial game, not a national one, and scoring points in their corners of the universe at the expense of the Republican Party’s image from north to south and coast to coast, a brand that needed a makeover — remember the broadly ballyhooed “autopsy” following Mitt Romney’s 2012 defeat? — and somehow didn’t get so much as a tweezed eyebrow or dab of blush....

What happened in North Carolina is a problem for Republicans atop the major trouble (Cruz, Donald Trump) that they already had. It exposes divides within the party that are ever more difficult to paper over and contradictions that aren’t easy to explain away.

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Supreme Court upholds 'one person, one vote'

Lydia Wheeler (Washington Post)
April 4, 2016

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that a state or locality is allowed to draw its legislative districts based on total population alone.

The court issued a unanimous decision in Evenwel v. Abbott, a case challenging the 2013 redistricting of 31 seats in the Texas Senate based solely on 2010 census population figures.

The ruling affirms the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal's decision, which sided with Texas. The state argued there was no legal basis for voters Sue Evenwel and Edward Pfenninger’s claims that the new election districts were unconstitutional, violating the “one person, one vote” principle of the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause, because the districts were not divided in a manner that equalized both total population and voter population.

“This Court’s past decisions reinforce the conclusion that States and localities may comply with the one-person, one-vote principle by designing districts with equal total populations,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in the majority opinion.

Ginsburg argued that requiring districts to be divided by voter-eligible population figures would upset what she called a “well-functioning approach to districting that all 50 states and countless jurisdictions have followed.”

“As the framers of the Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment comprehended, representatives serve all residents, not just those eligible to vote,” she said. “Nonvoters have an important stake in many policy debates and in receiving constituent services. By ensuring that each representative is subject to requests and suggestions from the same number of constituents, total-population apportionment promotes equitable and effective representation.”

Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito filed their own concurring opinions.

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April 9

Special Election - Louisiana HD-29

April 12

Special Election - Alabama HD-80

April 19

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April 26

Special Election - Connecticut HD-75
Special Election - Georgia HD-162 (runoff)
Special Election - Pennsylvania SD-09



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Voting Rights

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