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State of the States (Week of April 18th, 2016)

State of the States (Week of April 18th, 2016)

The Week of April 18th


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“The ‘T’ in my name wasn’t for taxing, it was for ‘I told you so!’”

-New York state Senator-Elect Todd Kaminsky (D), referencing failed Republican attack ads that had been run against him, just before he announced at his Election Night party that Democrats had flipped New York's 9th Senate District. Polls had shown Kaminsky down by eight points just before his upset victory.

“I don't know that I would at any point be ready to say we are going to make any changes. I just don't see the need for it.”

-North Carolina Senate President pro temp Phil Berger (R), announcing that his party's cratering election prospects and his state's loss of hundreds of jobs showed insufficient "need" to repeal or amend the discriminatory anti-LGBT HB2 legislation he helped push through weeks ago.


New York Democrats Victorious in Special Elections

Triumphs Continue Trend of 2016 Cycle Successes

April 19, 2016 (

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post lauded tonight’s Democratic special election wins in the New York state Senate and Assembly. On Tuesday, New York Democrats Todd Kaminsky, Jamie Williams, and Alice Cancel were elected in Senate District 9 and Assembly Districts 59 and 65, respectively. These victories come on the heels of a series of special election successes in Maine and Kentucky and after strong Democratic performances in key regions in last fall’s legislative elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

“Congratulations to Senator-elect Kaminsky and new Assembly members Williams and Cancel on their victories in tonight’s specials,” said Post. “With these wins, Democrats continue a clear pattern of electoral successes that will continue into the fall – not just in state legislative contests, but all the way to the top of the ballot. Voters in New York and across the country want leaders who reflect the American ideals of opportunity and freedom, and when voters bring those demands to the ballot box, Democrats win.

“The DLCC was proud to help support tonight’s winners, who reflect not only the high quality of Democratic legislative candidates this year, but also the values Democrats represent,” Post continued. “Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump won his party’s primary tonight, but most New Yorkers abhor the extremist ideologies he embraces. These down-ballot wins for Democrats demonstrate New Yorkers’ appetite to keep Trump ‘values’ in check.”

Senate District 9 encompasses parts of Long Island and is a Democratic pick-up, as the seat had been held by Republican Dean Skelos, who was convicted of corruption last year. Assembly Districts 59 and 65 include southeastern Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, respectively.

This victory is just the latest in a series of Democratic successes in recent special and general state legislative elections. Last summer, Democrats won key special elections in previously-Republican suburban districts in PennsylvaniaGeorgia, and Oklahoma. Democrats went on to pick up seats in the Louisiana Senate, Virginia House, and New Jersey Assembly in last November’s general elections. On March 8, Democrats won three pivotal Kentucky House special elections, picking up a seat and increasing our majority. Also on March 8, Democrats flipped a Republican-leaning House seat in New Hampshire, where Democrats anticipate picking up majorities in both legislative chambers this fall. On March 29, Democrats won a key special election in the Maine Senate.

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The story behind how McCrory got tangled in HB 2

Ned Barnett (Raleigh News & Observer)
April 18, 2016

Someone in Gov. Pat McCrory’s political camp saw the [Charlotte] ordinance coming back and saw an opportunity. McCrory should vigorously oppose it on the basis that it granted transgender women who were born male access to women’s bathrooms and raised a security threat to women and girls. That stand would help the former moderate Charlotte mayor gain strength with skeptical conservatives and evangelicals.

Meanwhile, McCrory’s strong opposition would put his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, in a no-win situation. He could join McCrory in opposing the ordinance, but that would cost him liberal support. Or Cooper could support it and risk turning off moderates.

McCrory went all-in on the bathroom aspect even before the Charlotte ordinance passed. He joined a lawsuit in Virginia in which he sided with local officials who are fighting a federal lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of a 16-year-old student. The lawsuit backed by the Obama administration seeks to allow transgender students to use the school bathroom that conforms to their gender identity. Cooper declined to get involved in the Virginia case. That prompted a Nov. 24 news release from Republican Senate leader Phil Berger headlined: “Shame on AG for putting politics above student safety.”

After Charlotte passed the ordinance with the transgender protection provision, the McCrory campaign began pressing Cooper to take a stand on it. Cooper eventually said that existing law covers any bathroom dangers and that he saw no need for a new law to block the ordinance....

Those who thought they had backed Cooper into a corner didn’t realize that they were putting McCrory’s re-election chances into far greater jeopardy. In the haste and secrecy of the March special session, the get-Cooper bathroom gambit got combined with the Stam-Barefoot wish list. The mixture was explosive. It blew up into a national story, chilled the state’s appeal to businesses, entertainers and tourists and has McCrory backpedaling while declaring no retreat....

This is a situation in which Republican lawmakers and strategists thought they were being clever but did something as dumb as it will be costly.

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