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Democrats’ State Progress Will Save American Lives

Democrats’ State Progress Will Save American Lives

Democrats' State Progress Will Save American Lives

While President Trump and his GOP accomplices in D.C. push a reprehensible bill that would devastate working Americans’ healthcare coverage, Democrats in states across the country are moving to protect their constituents from national Republicans’ destructive schemes.

Just yesterday, Democrats in Oregon under the leadership of DLCC Chair and House Speaker Tina Kotek advanced a measure that will secure and broaden many of the essential provisions of the Affordable Care Act, protect the right to choose, and provide care for new mothers. The Reproductive Health Equity Act preserves and expands access to reproductive health care, including birth control with no co-payment, prenatal care, abortion, and several other reproductive health services.

While it took Republicans years to finally produce their impassable attempt at “repeal-n-replace,” Democratic state legislators across the country have lost no time in fighting back and have already taken steps to preserve the progress made by President Obama and Democrats at all levels of government.

In fact, it only took the possible threat of AHCA to galvanize Democratic state legislators. In Alaska, Senate Democratic Leader Berta Gardner is working to shield birth control coverage from federal Republicans’ ACA repeal via legislation, and similar Democratic bills are making their way through legislatures across the country.

Democrats in Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, and Nevada are moving quickly to enshrine reproductive care and women’s health programs into state law, while in Wyoming, Democrats are keeping up the fight to expand Medicaid.

In New York, Democratic leaders are moving a step beyond saving the ACA; they’re pushing for universal (single-payer) healthcare in the state.

And this is just one of the areas in which Democrats have taken action against Trump’s GOP. Statehouse Democrats have been leading the fight against Trumpism since before January 20th, 2017. Democrats in California, Illinois, New Mexico, and more are pushing measures to combat Trump’s bigoted executive orders on immigration, working to protect a women’s right to choose after Gorsuch was nominated for the Supreme Court, and more. Things are moving fast in the West Wing, but Democratic state legislators are determined to move even faster as they fight to protect the rights of all Americans.