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Earth Day Roundup: Blue States Going Green This Year

Earth Day Roundup: Blue States Going Green This Year

WASHINGTON — Climate change represents an existential threat to our future, which is why today’s new clean energy commitment from the Biden Administration is so crucial to protecting our natural resources and way of life. But tackling climate change will require an all out effort, which is why state Democrats across the country have stepped up to lead the way, even in the absence of federal action. 

“We’ve known for years that human-driven climate change threatens to destroy our way of life and our prosperity, from the scourge of rising sea levels to more extreme weather events,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “We have to act before it’s too late, which is why Democratic state legislators have made clean energy and combating climate change a top priority. State Democrats are at the forefront of fighting for a brighter future.”

Democrats’ progress on climate change in the states so far this year includes: 

  • Rhode Island Democrats passed legislation setting a net-zero carbon emissions target for 2050.
  • In Massachusetts, legislators passed a bill that targets net-zero emissions by 2050 and includes sector-specific reduction goals. 
  • A new law in New Mexico allows the state to set more stringent environmental regulations than the federal government.
  • The Delaware Legislature approved a goal of 40 percent renewable energy by 2035.
  • New York Democrats moved forward on legislation that focuses on environmental justice, steps that build on the landmark climate legislation passed in 2019.
  • Illinois lawmakers introduced a legislative package that would increase clean energy jobs, particularly in underrepresented communities.
  • Washington Democrats passed a cap on carbon emissions that will help the state reduce emissions 50 percent by 2050.