Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

DLCC and Michigan Senate Democrats Bust Republicans’ Supermajority in the Senate

The DLCC and Michigan Senate Democrats have busted Republicans’ supermajority in the state Senate, picking up five seats in the chamber - the highest number of Democratic seat pickups since 1974. In the state House, the DLCC and Michigan House Democrats have gained five seats in the chamber, putting state Democrats within reach of regaining the chamber in 2020.

Pennsylvania Democrats Break Republican Senate Supermajority, Make Gains in House

With some results outstanding, the DLCC and Pennsylvania Senate Democrats have shattered the Republican supermajority in the state Senate, flipping at least five seats from red to blue with an additional race headed to a recount. In the state House, the DLCC and Pennsylvania House Democrats made strong gains in the state’s lower legislative chamber, picking up 11 seats.

DLCC Election Update (as of 9am)

The DLCC and state Democrats have changed the face of power in state legislatures across the country. So far this cycle, the DLCC has regained majorities in seven chambers and flipped 350 seats from red to blue nationwide. Democrats have also gained six new trifectas. The DLCC invested a record $35 million in our efforts to flip chambers, elect state Democrats, and rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up.

DLCC and Nevada Assembly Democrats Win Supermajority

The DLCC and Nevada Democrats have flipped two seats from red to blue in the state Assembly, winning a supermajority in the chamber, while also flipping two seats in the state Senate and expanding Democrats’ majority. With Democratic Governor-elect Steve Sisolak’s victory, Nevada Democrats have created a new trifecta of Democratic power.

DLCC and Oregon Democrats Win Supermajorities in House and Senate

Oregon Democrats have secured supermajorities in both the state House and the state Senate. With Governor Kate Brown, DLCC Board Chair and Speaker of the Oregon House Tina Kotek, and Senate President Peter Courtney leading the state, Oregon will continue to be a key part of Democrats’ “blue wall” against the Trump administration’s detrimental policies.