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State of the States (Week of July 6th, 2016)

Planned Parenthood says it will work with its abortion-rights allies in eight states to repeal laws that may be vulnerable following the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down tough abortion restrictions in Texas.

A contentious Mississippi “religious freedom” law that would allow government workers and businesses to deny services to same-sex couples has been blocked by a federal judge.Less than an hour before HB 1523 was due to go into effect Friday morning, U.S. District Judge Carlton W. Reeves issued a preliminary injunction, arguing the law “violates both the guarantee of religious neutrality and the promise of equal protection of the laws.”

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State of the States (Week of June 22nd, 2016)

With Donald Trump atop the November ballot, Arizona politicos say all bets are off in the down-ballot races, where the ripples from the “Trump effect” could turn into giant waves that wipe out the status quo at the Capitol.

Lots of gun laws are proposed in the aftermath of an attack, new research shows. But in terms of what actually is enacted, the results aren’t what you might expect. In states where a mass shooting happened, 15 percent more gun-related bills were introduced in state legislatures, three Harvard Business School professors found in a working paper published last month.

Arizona Capitol Times: Republicans and Democrats see presidential race as key to shaking up state Legislature

In-state experts and national state legislative organizations alike will have their eyes trained on Arizona's down-ballot races this election season. With Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket, the DLCC will be looking to capitalize on the presumptive nominee's toxicity and could flip control of the state Senate and while gaining ground in the House. With the "Trump effect" in play, Arizona politicos are saying "all bets are off in the down-ballot races."

State of the States (Week of June 15th, 2016)

In the six months before the weekend massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, more than 200 bills had been introduced at the state and local levels to restrict the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The attempts by Republican lawmakers to suppress the turnout of Democratic-leaning voters in the 2016 election have reached shameless levels in Ohio — a swing state where it turns out that even homeless citizens have been blocked from exercising their right to vote.

State of the States (Week of June 8th, 2016)

Public policy organization Demos and the ACLU of Ohio, which filed the lawsuit against Ohio's top election official Jon Husted, is asking the court to stop the purging process from going forward, and for other purged voters to be re-instated ahead of the November 2016 election. The suit alleges that because so much attention is on the presidential race this year, a much larger number of infrequent Ohio voters will be "denied the opportunity to cast a vote that counts."

House of Delegates boundaries were drawn by Republicans in 2011 and are supposed to endure for 10 years. However, they’ve been in dispute for five years and will be fussed over for at least one more. That could lead to something Republicans have managed to avoid: redrawing lines to help Democrats...The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday it will review this fall a dozen districts with African-American majorities to determine whether they were intentionally packed with minorities to create in surrounding areas more-heavily white seats friendly to Republicans.