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The Friday Five - October 12, 2018

The Friday Five - October 12, 2018

For the Week of 10/12/2018

Democrats in statehouses across the country are fighting to move America forward. In case you missed it, here are some statehouse highlights from this week:

1.    The Kids Are Alright — And They’re Voting in the Midterms, Study Finds

You’ve heard of the Blue Wave, but have you heard of the Youth Wave? Researchers out of Tufts University announced this week that voters between the ages of 18 and 24 years old are poised to show up to the polls in record numbers next month, and they plan to support Democrats by an almost 2-to-1 margin. The study also shows that our strategy of reaching out to as many young people as possible is working, with the research showing that being contacted by a campaign nearly doubled the chances of young voters saying they plan to vote in November. With so much on the line in our communities, Democrats aren’t taking a single vote for granted, and we’re going to continue to knock on doors, speak on college campuses, and share our hopeful vision for the future all the way up until Election Day.

2.    Record number of Texans registered to vote before Oct. 9 deadline

Over in Texas, organizers are in high spirits after the Texas Secretary of State announced that nearly 15.7 million Texans are registered to vote, an all-time high. This is despite the fact that Texas is one of the only states to not allow online voter registration. Not only is breaking this record great news for Democrats, since poll after poll is showing building Democratic enthusiasm for this November, but this is a win for our democracy. Because when we have more voices at the table this November, we can make sure that we all have elected officials that truly represent who we are. The DLCC is proud to support candidates like Rhetta Bowers, John Bucy, and Ana-Maria Ramos, who have all been steadfast advocates in their communities and remain dedicated to helping those around them.

3.    Judge Blocks Portions of Missouri Voter Photo ID Law

Good news out of Missouri today as a Judge placed a permanent injunction on the GOP-passed law that severely restricted Missourians from voting. The injunction will prevent election officials from enforcing many of the controversial aspects of the law--including requiring a sworn statement from voters lacking a valid photo ID. As state Republicans across the country impose these restrictive laws that primarily affect poor, minority, and elderly voters, the DLCC is partnering with state Democrats to fight for policies that protect voting rights for all and help engage underrepresented and vulnerable communities in the electoral process.

4.    A Month Before Election Day, Democrats Poised for Legislative Gains

With under a month left in this crucial election cycle, Democrats are poised to flip legislative chambers in states across the country. With as many as 17 competitive chambers in contention this November, state Democrats are in great position to rebuild and provide a critical check on the disastrous policies and divisive rhetoric coming out of Washington. The DLCC is supporting promising candidates who are in great position to help flip chambers across the country including Faith Winter in the Colorado Senate and Ned Claxton in the Maine Senate, and many more candidates who are fighting to expand access to health care, rebuild infrastructure and protect working families.

5.   Redistricting explained: All eyes on state races in 2018

State elections in 2018 have the power to change the political landscape forever. In 37 states, elected state legislators play a pivotal role in redistricting decisions. Those decisions will impact every voter in those states as well as the quality of government at all levels. Decisions about district lines should be an opportunity to better represent the voters, not to guarantee partisan power. Voters have the chance to either shatter or solidify the current gerrymandered system simply by how they vote. After the 2010 census, Republican majorities created the most partisan voting districts in U.S. history. Many of the state representatives being elected on November 6 will cast a very important vote during their term - to uphold toxic partisan redistricting or to establish fair democratic districts. The DLCC is committed to fighting for a fair redistricting process.

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“I woke up after Trump’s election, and like a lot of other people felt like I had to get involved in the fight against Trump’s agenda…That fight starts at the local and state level."
-- Will Haskell, candidate for Connecticut SD-26

Will Haskell is a 22-year-old college student running for Connecticut state senate in SD26. With a recent endorsement from President Barack Obama, Haskell may be young but is waging a compelling race to bring new voices into the Connecticut senate. As his campaign proudly states, “There’s no minimum age for being on the right side of history.”