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The Friday Five - November 30, 2018

The Friday Five - November 30, 2018

For the Week of 11/30/2018

Democrats in statehouses across the country are fighting to move America forward. In case you missed it, here are some statehouse highlights from this week:

1.    Big changes could be coming for paid family, sick leave in Minnesota

Minnesotans should expect major changes during the next legislative session, due to Democrats flipping 18 seats and taking back the House of Representatives. With Republicans holding a slim one-seat advantage in the state senate, leaders in both chambers are eager to team up with newly elected Governor Tim Walz to tackle major issues such as paid family and sick leave. As Democrats in Minnesota look ahead to the consequential 2020 election, when all 67 state Senate seats are up for election, Democratic state legislators across the state are ready to deliver on the bold, progressive ideas that earned them a spot in St. Paul.

2.    Wisconsin Democrats Achieve Gender Parity in State Assembly

Wisconsin Assembly Democrats achieved a major feat during the 2018 midterms -- the caucus reached gender parity. As the national conversation turned toward Donald Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric as well as the momentous #MeToo movement, Democratic women are well represented in Madison. While Democrats earned over 50 percent of the state legislative vote during the midterms, they were only able to flip one seat in the Assembly, due to heavily gerrymandered maps drawn by GOP legislators. The DLCC is committed to working with Wisconsin Democrats to elect legislators who will draw fair maps in the next redistricting cycle.

3.    Democrats won more seats in Arizona House than they have since 1966. Here’s how that changes the state

Fueled by the #RedforEd movement, Arizona Democrats gained ground in the state capitol, flipping four House seats from red to blue. State Democrats achieved historic standing in Phoenix, as the current chamber margin is the closest since Democrats held the chamber over 50 years ago. The tight margins in both chambers will provide a check on the GOP in the Grand Canyon State, whose conservative state lawmakers have become notorious for passing extreme immigration policies. With eyes set on 2020, Arizona Democrats are in position to flip both chambers ahead of critical redistricting.

4.    Democrats make legislative gains over GOP in redistricting battle

Democrats achieved major gains in the fight for state legislatures nationwide ahead of the 2020 redistricting cycle. The DLCC, partnering with state leaders across the country, succeeded in flipping over 390 legislative seats and reclaiming eight Democratic majorities. In many states, Democrats were at a steep disadvantage, competing on heavily gerrymandered maps. With state legislative elections occurring in 2019, 2020, and 2021, Democrats are in position to continue to flip seats nationwide and draw maps that fairly represent all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

5.   What's Stronger Than A Blue Wave? Gerrymandered Districts

Despite heavily gerrymandered maps, state Democrats were able to compound Democratic enthusiasm to flip legislative seats - and chambers - across the nation. Democrats in states like North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan outperformed the margins of their state legislatures during the past midterm elections, and showcased the depth to which gerrymandered maps can have on representation not only in state capitols, but in Washington as well. With redistricting around the corner, Democrats are eager to elect more representatives who will draw fair maps and make every vote count.

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“Today more than ever, we need people like Leader Stewart-Cousins to forge the path ahead for this great state. I look forward to working with her to stand up to the extreme conservative agenda and to fight together for our bold progressive priorities."
-- Governor Andrew Cuomo on Andrea Stewart-Cousins becoming first woman to lead the New York State Senate.