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The Friday Five - May 10, 2019

The Friday Five - May 10, 2019

For the Week of 5/10/2019

Democrats in statehouses across the country are fighting to move America forward. In case you missed it, here are some statehouse highlights from this week:

1.  DLCC Feature: When in crisis, turn to the people

With American democracy at stake and the hubs of power in the nation’s capital stymied by dissension and division, perhaps the only place to turn for a remedy is to the American voters. Enter the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee with the mission of flipping GOP state legislatures.

2.    Antonio Felipe wins special election in Bridgeport

In another huge win for Connecticut Democrats, Representative-elect Antonio Felipe coasted to victory in the 130th House District’s special election Tuesday night, making him one of the youngest elected legislators in the country. The 23-year-old will push for increasing the minimum wage, protecting abortion rights, and ensuring affordable health care. With this win, Democrats now have a 31-seat advantage in the House. The DLCC is proud to support young, progressive candidates who will move their states in the right direction.


3.    Have court rulings in Michigan and Ohio turned the tide on partisan gerrymandering?

State Republicans, the masterminds behind the most grotesquely gerrymandered maps in the history of the country, are finally being held accountable. Last week, federal courts overturned Michigan and Ohio’s maps for illegal partisan gerrymandering. Since November 2016, federal and state supreme courts have tossed out gerrymandered maps in other Republican-led states like Wisconsin and North Carolina. The DLCC is working with Democrats across the country to ensure that Republicans continue to be held accountable for their illegal power grabs.


4.    How Voter Access Laws Led to Higher Turnout at Polls

It turns out that improving voter access to polls really does have demonstrable benefits. Take Utah for example. Voter turnout increased from 45th in the country in 2014 to 13th in 2018, largely due to same-day registration and automatic voter registration. Other Democratic-led states like Colorado, New  Mexico, Maryland, and Vermont have passed same-day registration to improve turnout. While Republicans are passing measures to restrict voter access, Democrats are passing measures to improve voter access for everyone.


5.   Georgia Becomes Latest State to Pass Controversial "Heartbeat" Abortion Bill

Georgia is the latest Republican-led state to enact an archaic and restrictive “heartbeat” abortion law to outlaw abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. To make matters worse, this measure only makes exceptions for rape and incest if a woman files a police report before seeking an abortion. Republican state lawmakers will not get away with their insidious, criminal efforts to undermine a woman’s autonomy over her own body. The DLCC will continue to support Democrats who will protect and uphold women’s reproductive rights.


““If we want a sustainable majority in the United States House, and not just a rental, we have to make sure that there are fair districts.”

–  DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post​

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