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The Friday Five - May 03, 2019

The Friday Five - May 03, 2019

For the Week of 5/03/2019

Democrats in statehouses across the country are fighting to move America forward. In case you missed it, here are some statehouse highlights from this week:

1.  McGuire wins special District 64 Assembly election

In a key victory for Wisconsin Democrats, Representative-elect Tip McGuire won his special election Tuesday night, beating out Republican Mark Stalker. With this critical hold, the DLCC continues to support Wisconsin Democrats, as Republicans in the state override the will of voters and attempt to subvert democracy.

2.    Adrienne Jones becomes first African American, first woman to serve as Maryland House Speaker

The DLCC Congrats the newly elected MD House Speaker Adrienne Jones on making history as the first woman and African-American leader to serve as Speaker. Jones is in good company—there are 56 Democratic women in caucus leadership positions across the country!

3.    The great double standard of our election system

Jon Sherman is calling voter suppression tactics led by Republican states what they are— “negligent and deliberate violations of eligible voters’ rights.” Republican lawmakers continue to invent new ways to block access to the ballot. States such as Tennessee and Texas are leading this charge with bills that look to criminalize innocent mistakes made by voters. The DLCC is working with Democrats in states across the country to put an end to these deliberate intimidation techniques.

4.  Automatic registration leads to surge of new Georgia voters

Although Georgia’s election system is currently being scrutinized for voter suppression concerns, the state has done one thing right--enacting automatic voter registration. Since implementing the measure in 2016, Georgia now has a record high of 7 million registered voters. According to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice, 94% more voters registered in Georgia thanks to automatic voter registration. Enacting measures like this ensures that voters across the country can fulfill their constitutional duty. The DLCC will continue to support similar measures that seek to lift unnecessary burdens and restrictions from the voting process.

5.   Minnesota House supports gun control over GOP objections

With a new Democratic majority in the House, Minnesota Democrats are taking proactive measures to address the senseless gun violence that afflicts the country. Despite Republican opposition, House Democrats passed legislation to expand criminal background checks and to temporarily keep guns from people deemed to be a risk by authorities. With more Democrats in power, sensible gun control measures will continue to take precedence, so that we can build a safer future for generations to come.


“National disgrace Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans gerrymandered the maps and rigged the state’s elections — but we’re fighting back”

–  DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post​

Wisconsin Democrat Tip McGuire defeated Republican Mark Stalker by 22 points — over performing Hilary Clinton by 12 points, another sign of building Democratic momentum heading into 2019 and 2020. 

5/7/19: Connecticut State House District 130

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