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The Friday Five - April 13, 2018

The Friday Five - April 13, 2018

For the Week of 4/13/2018

Democrats in statehouses across the country are fighting to move America forward. In case you missed it, here are some statehouse highlights from this week:

1.    Dems Flooding State-Level Races Aren’t Just Thinking About 2018

DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post sat down with Talking Points Memo to walk them through our string of recent successes, our 2018 Roadmap, and how we are harnessing Democratic enthusiasm to drive candidate recruitment and increase awareness around the importance of legislative elections. From record-breaking levels of Democratic candidate recruitment in states like Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, and beyond, to supporting candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds, the DLCC is already laying the foundation for big wins in critical battleground states nationwide in 2018 and ahead of 2020 redistricting.

2.    Oklahoma teachers are swarming to run for office

After nine days, the Oklahoma teacher walkout ended after it became clear that state Republicans wouldn’t “budge an inch on any more revenue for public education.” Now, teachers are again flocking to the state Capitol – but this time it’s to register to run for office. Oklahoma teachers have pledged to continue the fight for more school funding and higher pay, and with more teachers serving in Oklahoma City, state Democrats will be able to achieve that goal.

3.    Lori Berman wins state Senate special election in record-setting fashion

With more than 27,500 ballots cast, Florida Senator-elect Lori Berman captured nearly 75 percent of the vote, easily defeating her Republican opponent in the special election for SD-31. According to one analysis, this is the highest share of the vote received by any Florida Democrat in at least a decade. Berman, who was featured on DLCC’s Spotlight Races page, improved on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vote share in the district by a whopping 14 points. On this victory, DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post commented, “The DLCC’s work alongside Florida Democrats has resulted in the election of three Democratic women to this battleground state’s upper legislative chamber, and we look forward to gaining more ground in 2018 and 2020 elections ahead of critical redistricting."

4.    Virginia legislature returns to work; Medicaid expansion the focus of special session

Thanks to Virginia Democratic lawmakers, Virginia could finally expand Medicaid and get an additional 400,000 Virginians the care that they need. After the DLCC and state Democrats flipped 15 seats from red to blue last November, Democrats have used their expanded numbers in the House of Delegates to advance progressive policies in the Commonwealth to serve all Virginians.

5.   On Equal Pay Day, Arizona Republicans block vote on Equal Rights Amendment

For the second consecutive year, Arizona Republicans killed efforts for the state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. In the House, Republican lawmakers showed just how far they were willing to go to avoid ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work by adjourning the House before Democratic state Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley could bring an ERA resolution before the chamber. To add insult to injury, a Republicans pulled this stunt on Equal Pay Day, the day on the calendar when the average American woman’s earnings catch up to what a male peer earned in 2017. For now, Democrats are in the minority in both legislative chambers, but that could change in 2018.

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"We feel like part of what we’ve done is excited Democrats through winning. We’ve flipped 39 seats [and] we’ve flipped a state legislative chamber…and I think that fired up Democrats."
-- Jessica Post, Executive Director of the DLCC

The DLCC is rebuilding the Democratic Party from the ground up, flipping seats from red to blue and holding districts in critical battleground states nationwide. And we are just getting started - check out our 2018 Roadmap to see how the DLCC is laying the foundation for Democratic victories and working to take back statehouse chambers!

4/13/18:   FILING DEADLINE - Oklahoma

4/24/18:   FILING DEADLINE - Michigan

4/24/18:   ELECTION DAY - New York SD-32, SD-37, AD-05, AD-10, AD-17, AD-39,
AD-74, AD-80, AD-102, AD-107, AD-142 Special Elections