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The Friday Five - 2018 in Review

The Friday Five - 2018 in Review

Top DLCC Stories

1.   The Democrats’ secret weapon to take back statehouses

The DLCC is working to build a new era of Democratic dominance. The committee helped state Democrats flip nearly 400 seats from red to blue and regain majorities in eight chambers. From special elections to the first Tuesday of November, the DLCC used its record-breaking fundraising to empower state Democrats and make sure they had the staff, training, data, and resources needed to win. Now the committee is turning its focus to the 2019 elections and winning back more majorities ahead of critical 2020 redistricting.

2.   A New Video From Democrats Breaks Down How the Blue Wave Could Hit State Legislatures

Earlier this year the DLCC worked with its friend and partner, Senator Cory Booker, to create a video to raise awareness about the importance state legislative elections. Senator Booker stressed that the “power of the people is greater than the people in power” – and he was right. Newly elected state Democrats are changing the face of power in state capitals across the country.

3.   The Democrats’ Most Radical Election Victory Was in the States

The wins the DLCC and state Democrats delivered on Election Day 2018 will help secure our democracy for years to come. With critical redistricting on the horizon in 2021 and state legislatures as our first line of defense against the dangerous policies coming out of the Trump administration, the Democrats we elected this cycle and the chambers we flipped will have an incredible impact on the future of our country. The DLCC is committed to expanding Democratic strength in states and ensuring the rights of all Americans are protected.

4.   Democrats made massive state-level gains in the midterms

Democrats made massive gains in statehouses across the country in the recent midterm elections. Democrats ended single-party Republican control in four states while creating Democratic trifectas in seven states, busted GOP supermajorities in five legislative chambers, flipped almost 400 legislative seats from red to blue, gained majorities in eight chambers, and elected a new generation of state Democratic leadership in the process. Nearly 1,250 of the Democrats elected to their state legislatures in 2018 were women, and more than 900 were candidates of color. The DLCC is already preparing for more wins in 2019 and 2020, and will keep fighting to expand our "blue wall" from coast to coast.

5.   The blue wave was big — and significant — in state legislatures

Democratic gains in the midterms will set the stage for future elections. A majority of the governors holding veto power over redistricting in 2021 are now Democrats, and legislators in 34 states will play a role in drawing new congressional and state legislative district lines. With seven new trifectas of Democratic power, the DLCC and state Democrats changed the face of power in state capitals across the country and positioned Democrats for more success in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

Chambers Flipped

1.   It wasn’t just Trump: How the DFL harnessed a massive get-out-the-vote effort to win the ‘burbs

In an election year that produced record voter turnout in Minnesota, Democratic voters flipped the state House from red to blue, scoring major victories in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. As one of the largest donors, the DLCC invested over $506,000 in this program to recruit and support strong candidates, run strategic paid communications, and partnered with in-state allies to execute a record-breaking field program that knocked on over 1.7 million doors.

2.   NY Democrats are taking control. Now what?

New York Senate Democrats flipped eight state Senate seats from red to blue, giving true chamber control to the Democrats. DLCC Board member Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins was unanimously elected to lead the Senate Democratic conference, becoming the first woman to lead a New York legislative chamber.

3.   Democratic women lead the blue wave in Colorado

Colorado Senate Democrats flipped the chamber from red to blue. All five targeted women candidates known as the “Fab Five” won - Jessie Danielson in SD-20, Kerry Donovan in SD-5, Brittany Pettersen in SD-22, Tammy Story in SD-16, and Faith Winter in SD-24. Learn more about the "Fab Five" here. Colorado Senate Democrats elected Senator Leroy Garcia as Senate President, making him the first Latino President of the Colorado Senate. House Democrats picked up five seats, growing their majority in the chamber, and elected Representative KC Becker as Speaker of the House. With a new trifecta in the state, Democrats are poised to enact progressive legislation.

4.   Senate Democrats have big plans after taking majority

Maine Senate Democrats flipped the chamber from red to blue and Maine House Democrats expanded their majority, picking up 16 seats in the chamber. Democrats elected Senator Troy Jackson to serve as Senate President. With Governor-elect Janet Mills’ victory, Maine now has a Democratic trifecta.

5.   Democrats win control of NH House, NH Senate, Executive Council

New Hampshire House and Senate Democrats flipped both the chambers, breaking the Republican trifecta. Democrats won 66 seats in the House and four seats in the Senate. The DLCC’s Independent Expenditure invested over $430,000 in a joint mail and digital program to target an unprecedented 230 races. Senate Democrats elected Senator Donna Soucy as Senate President and House Democrats elected Representative Steve Shurtleff as Speaker of the House.

Women Break New Records

1.   Working to Ensure the 'Year of the Woman' Is More Than Just One Year

2.   Women Elected To State Legislatures Set A New Record & The Party Breakdown Is Stark

3.   Meet the 2,000 women about to storm into state capitals across the US

4.   Female Candidates Are Key to Flipping State Houses for Democrats

5.   Meet the three Orlando-area women who flipped Florida House seats blue


Historic Firsts Changing the Face of Power

1.   Final results have challenger Rui Xu defeating incumbent Rep. Melissa Rooker by 121 votes

2.   J.D. Ford Breaks Barriers, Gets To Work

3.   Trans state representatives-elect reflect on historic elections

4.   New York Senate’s First Female Leader Spent Decades Preparing for Role

5.   Levesque first African American member of the NH State Senate


Notable Stories

1.   Teachers running for office seek to shake up midterm elections

2.   Millennials have a chance to transform state legislatures this November

3.   19-Year-Old Election Winner Cassandra Levesque Is Ready to Shake Up New Hampshire's State Legislature, the Oldest in the Country

4.   'Rainbow Wave' Hits Statehouses

5.   Progressive Victories Lay the Groundwork for a 2020 Groundswell


12/18/18:   Special Election - Virginia HD-24

1/8/19:   Special Election - Virginia SD-33