Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee



Join the DLCC and become a part of the team that will take back our state legislatures and — by winning crucial redistricting fights — remake the U.S. Congress to re-enfranchise millions of voters and end GOP abuse of the democratic process.

We’re working to engage voters in local elections, rebuild our party from the grassroots level, and build a bulwark of Democratic power in states across the country. Winning state legislative races has outsized implications that can reverberate for decades.

If you are interested in learning about job opportunities with Democratic caucuses or campaigns in the states, please sign up here to join our mailing list.


Opportunities at the DLCC:

Digital Assistant

Press Assistant

Regional Political Director

Research Assistant or Coordinator

Vice President, Communications

Vice President, Digital & Multimedia

Vice President, Research


Work in the States:

Iowa Senate Majority Fund - Executive Director

New Hampshire House Caucus - Finance Director

Virginia House Democrats - Campaigns Director