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With DLCC's Combine, "Everything has changed"

With DLCC's Combine, "Everything has changed"

Since November, thousands of Democrats have stepped up to run for state legislatures and defend their communities from Trump’s extreme agenda. Harnessing this grassroots energy and heightened investment in state-level politics from emerging groups, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post convened the first meeting of The Combine, DLCC’s recruitment table. This first meeting of many to come included 20 progressive groups and provided an update on the strength of 2017 recruitment, set the stage for 2018 efforts, and provided insight as to how allies can connect with and expand upon DLCC’s existing recruitment infrastructure.

"Everything has changed," Post said in an interview with NBC News. "It used to be an effort to persuade people to put their name on the ballot. Now, the candidates are calling us up and they're saying 'I want to run. Point me in the right direction'...They're looking at Trump and saying 'I want to do something.'"

By coordinating recruitment efforts across 20 progressive groups, including EMILY’s List, Emerge America, Run for Something, and organized labor, DLCC’s Combine will maximize strategic efforts to identify and recruit talented legislative candidates for the thousands of statehouse races on the ballot next year.

The Combine is a crucial step forward in DLCC’s work to rebuild the Democratic Party and help Democrats fight back in the Trump Era by recruiting strong candidates for the candidate pipeline. You can read more about The Combine and DLCC’s work to harness the incredible energy already surrounding state legislative recruitment here.

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