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Latest News in redistricting

  • DLCC Statement on Federal Government Shutdown

    The following is a statement from Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s executive director Michael Sargeant on Republicans in the House of Representatives voting to shut down the federal government.

    “This shutdown is a direct result of Tea Party Republicans in state legislatures drawing Congressional district lines that shielded Republicans in the House from the desires of American voters. In 2012 Democrats running for Congress received nearly 1.4 million more votes than Republican candidates did. Voters agreed with Democratic priorities and values, but Republicans in state legislatures were able to subvert democracy and install radical Republicans in power.

  • Colbert Report takes on Virginia Republican redistricting scheme

    The Colbert Report gave Senate Republicans his "Alpha Dog of the Week" award for taking advantage of the fact that civil rights icon and Democratic Senator Henry Marsh was attending President Obama's Inauguration on Martin Luther King Day to draw new maps that would disenfranchise Democratic voters in the state.
  • Virginia Governor Decidedly Undecided on State Republican Power-Grab

    Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is desperately hoping that everyone forgets that Senate Republicans took advantage of one of their colleagues attending the Presidential Inauguration to sneak through a plan to disenfranchise Democrats.

  • Yes, Virginia, we still need the Voting Rights Act

    It all began on an historic day. Yesterday marked the federal holiday to commemorate the birth and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In Washington, DC hundreds of thousands of Americans turned out to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama—our nation’s first African American President. One of those in attendance was Virginia state Senator Henry Marsh, "a major force in Virginia’s Civil Rights movement in the ‘60’s and '70s” who also served as the first African American Mayor of Richmond.