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  • Alaska Chamber of Commerce to State Legislature: Expanding Medicaid is good for business

    The Alaska Chamber of Commerce is weighing in on whether or not the state legislature should expand Medicaid. And their conclusion, according to the Alaska Daily News: The Last Frontier “should expand its Medicaid program under the U.S. Affordable Care Act.”

  • DLCC Statement on Federal Government Shutdown

    The following is a statement from Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s executive director Michael Sargeant on Republicans in the House of Representatives voting to shut down the federal government.

    “This shutdown is a direct result of Tea Party Republicans in state legislatures drawing Congressional district lines that shielded Republicans in the House from the desires of American voters. In 2012 Democrats running for Congress received nearly 1.4 million more votes than Republican candidates did. Voters agreed with Democratic priorities and values, but Republicans in state legislatures were able to subvert democracy and install radical Republicans in power.

  • Missouri GOP Lawmaker Chooses Personal Lawsuit over Women’s Health

    Talk about a frivolous lawsuit. According to The Huffington Post, Missouri Republican Rep. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) has filed a lawsuit to exempt himself, his wife, and his three daughters aged 12, 18, and 19 “from contraception coverage through the state insurance plan, saying it violates his religious beliefs as a Catholic.”

  • Minnesota Democrats set to establish program to allow consumers to more easily shop for health insurance

    With Democrats in control of both houses of the Minnesota legislature, lawmakers are set to establish a program to provide residents with greater information about health insurance companies.