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  • New York Democrats Victorious in Special Elections

    April 19, 2016

  • Could a poorly-timed press release flip the New York Senate?

    It took former New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos an entire week to realize what every other New Yorker must have known the moment he was indicted on corruption charges on May 4th:  Skelos' leadership of the New York Senate was over.

    But in those seven days, Skelos put up a major fight to keep his job and convinced fifteen Republican colleagues to sign a late-night media release insisting in the strongest possible terms that Skelos "should remain" in charge of the state Senate. Thanks to the team at Daily Kos Elections, it's possible to list those fifteen corruption-loving Republicans in approximate order of how blue their districts were in the last presidential election:

  • The Friday Five - May 1st, 2015

    Each day the DLCC’s experts comb through statehouse political news across the country to stay on top of the latest developments. Here are five stories that may have flown under your radar this week.

  • New York Legislature passes National Popular Vote

    The New York Legislature has passed a bill that would allow the national popular vote to determine the winner of presidential elections - once a minimum threshold of states agree - rather than relying on the Electoral College system currently in place. If signed by Governor Cuomo, the National Popular Vote inter-state compact would strengthen the democratic process by giving voters across the country an equal say in such elections. As it is, voters in states that reliably prefer one party over another are largely ignored by presidential candidates, with attention going instead to a handful of states perceived to be up for grabs.

    Several Democratic legislators said the compact would prevent presidential candidates from taking "safe" states, like New York, for granted. Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver released a statement underscoring the importance of the measure: