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Latest News in Arizona

  • Ballot Battles: From the Statehouse to the White House

    Today Hillary Clinton is calling for 20 days of early voting in every state as part of a larger effort to draw attention to – and fight – discriminatory voting laws all across the country.

  • AZ Rep. Adam Kwasman Mistakes YMCA Campers for Migrants

    Republican State Rep. Adam Kwasman took time out of his legislative duties and congressional campaign to join protestors in Oracle, Arizona awaiting buses full of migrant children. When Rep. Kwasman saw a bus filled with children, he took the opportunity to describe to reporters the “fear on their faces” and tweet that it is “the abrogation of the rule of law.” Only, the bus wasn’t full of migrant children. It filled with YMCA kids on their way to summer camp.

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  • Game Playing: It's what Arizona's GOP is doing to the state's voters

    In 2013, Republicans in Arizona passed HB2305, a sweeping bill that severely restricted voting rights.

    But wait a minute – they’ve changed their mindsIs it because a broad coalition of opposition groups secured enough signatures to put this law in front of voters?

    Yes. But now the Arizona GOP isn’t happy. 

  • Red states try "two-tier" voting rules

    Bloomberg News reports on the latest terrible idea from Republican opponents of voting rights:  "Arizona and Kansas, where top state posts come up for grabs next year, are creating two-tiered voting systems to bar some residents from casting ballots in all but congressional races."  The new rules, instituted by Republican elections officials, "are in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that bars Arizona from rejecting federal voter-registration forms that don’t include proof of citizenship, which is required by both states. To comply, both plan to provide those voters with ballots listing just federal races."

    In Kansas at least, the problem is a great deal more complicated than that, as nearly 20,000 legally registered voters are still "in suspense" thanks to early glitches from the rollout of Republicans' latest voting restriction law.  If Arizona and Kansas Republicans' so-called "two-tier" voter registration system is upheld by the courts, expect more Republican legislatures to adopt the practice to shield themselves from accountability.