Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

DLCC Leads Candidate Recruitment Efforts With Second Session of The Combine

Yesterday Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post and Chief Political Officer Dave Griggs convened DLCC’s recruitment table, The Combine, for its second meeting. DLCC was joined by new and returning participants, with representatives from over a dozen allied organizations including EMILY’s List, Run For Something, Emerge America, organized labor, and beyond in attendance.

DLCC Reaffirms Plan to Win Statehouse Majorities at 2017 Annual Meeting

On July 12 – 14, America’s Democratic state legislators gathered for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Annual Meeting to strategize on the upcoming election cycle. DLCC celebrated the party’s string of legislative special election victories and shared its plans to build on this momentum heading into 2017 and 2018 elections.

Oklahoma Special Election Victories Bring Red to Blue Victories to Four

Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post applauded Oklahoma Democrats Karen Gaddis and Michael Brooks-Jimenez on their special election victories. Gaddis and Brooks-Jimenez successfully flipped longstanding Republican seats in the Oklahoma state House and state Senate, respectively, to bring the number of legislative seats flipped by Democrats since Trump’s inauguration to four.