Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Meet the DLCC

Meet the DLCC

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the permanent authority and central headquarters for Democratic state legislative leaders and races nationwide. The DLCC is the only Democratic organization led by progressive champions in state legislatures around the country. Our board and partners are all legislators on the front lines of fighting back against the Trump agenda.

Now that Republicans control Congress and the White House, our work at the state level is more important than ever.  The most effective action we can take to move America forward is to fight back in state legislatures, where state laws and state-initiated lawsuits can prevent Trump’s dangerous agenda from destroying President Obama’s legacy of positive change.

Each election year, strategists at the DLCC analyze all 7383 state legislative seats in all 50 states to determine which ones are flippable from red to blue or in danger of falling into Republican hands. Because the most meaningful contribution any citizen can make to this effort is to run for something in their community, our strategy to win these critical races begins with The Combine, a ground-breaking DLCC program that will coordinate efforts from across the progressive community to identify and recruit talented legislative candidates in all 50 states.

Throughout the election cycle, the DLCC then works with legislative leaders, campaign staff, and grassroots supporters to support Democratic candidates against the inevitable onslaught of attacks from right-wing state legislative super pacs.  We do this through our Grassroots Victory Program, which trains hundreds of grassroots organizers who generate millions of voter contact attempts in key races across the country, and through Legislative Majority PAC, which is the DLCC’s affiliated super PAC and independent expenditure operation. LMP supports state independent expenditure efforts to retake Democratic majorities and make strategic electoral gains, provides critical insights to our allies and partners, and improves Democrats' strategic and tactical approach to campaigns by testing new and innovative methods that allow us to campaign more efficiently.

Most critically, because state legislatures control the redistricting process in most states, Republican legislators have used partisan gerrymandering to rig congressional and legislative maps in favor of GOP candidates in states across the country.  The GOP stranglehold on this process can be broken, but only if you run a coordinated, multi-cycle strategy to win Democratic majorities that can prevent Republicans from forcing through their gerrymandered maps in the next round of redistricting in 2021.

That’s why the DLCC is  proud to partner with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, which brings together the entire progressive community at one table to fight back against Republican gerrymandering.  DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post is a board member of the NDRC, and we look forward to working with them in this fight.

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