Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Grassroots Victory Program

Grassroots Victory Program

The Grassroots Victory Program (GVP) is the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s national field operation that arms organizers with the skills, training, and technology needed to run winning grassroots outreach campaigns. Now in its third cycle, GVP not only equips campaigns with well-trained professional field staff, but the program also builds a culture of state legislative organizing that continues to grow through future elections and ensures legislative candidates connect with voters face-to-face at their doors.

GVP works with committees to implement field strategies that are centrally organized, volunteer based, and data-driven. The program focuses its resources on key states where targeted, successful field programs are crucial to winning races and Democratic majorities, while also working with committees to implement field best practices and provide additional training and support.

2014 District Profiles:

Iowa Senate

In Iowa Senate District 39 (an open Republican seat), Democrat Kevin Kinney won by a slim margin, a victory critical to maintaining a one-seat Democratic majority in the Iowa Senate. With just under 100,000 voter contact attempts, GVP-trained organizers on the ground spearheaded voter contact efforts, including a robust GOTV operation, greatly contributing to flipping this seat.

Colorado House

In GVP-targeted Colorado House District 3, incumbent Representative Daniel Kagan narrowly won reelection by a margin of just over 400 votes, helping maintain a Democratic majority in the Colorado House. GVP-trained staff knocked on over 50,000 doors, leading field efforts in one of the closest races in Colorado in 2014.

Oregon Senate

The state Senate race in Oregon’s 15th District culminated in Chuck Riley unseating a three-term incumbent by fewer than 300 votes in the closest race in Oregon in 2014. Leading a robust field program, GVP-trained staff implemented volunteer recruitment and voter contact best practices and contributed over 300,000 voter contact attempts.

2016: What’s Next

Through the Grassroots Victory Program, the DLCC has the opportunity to provide key legislative races throughout the country with the tools necessary to implement successful field operations. Expanding on our achievements in 2014, the DLCC will continue to arm committees with professional, highly-trained field staff with the skills to execute targeted and effective doorto-door efforts in targeted states. With the support of our staff, caucuses will operate with the strongest understanding of the tactics necessary to guarantee success.