Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee



Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about state legislative politics? Do you have an interest in working for a state legislative caucus or state legislative candidate?

The DLCC Fellowship Program is desiegned to provide hands-on experience working with a national political committee and its engagement in a 50 state program. Fellows will gain with an unprecedented understanding of state legislative caucus programs and campaigns.   

Fellows will have the opportunity to do substantive work with their department teams while gaining a rich understanding of the DLCC and its mission. Fellows will interact with staff members of all departments, attend key staff events, including professional development opportunities, and participate in brown bag lunches with varying senior staff members and key partners of the DLCC.  

The DLCC Fellowship Program will be offered on three different schedules:

Spring Session: January – Mid May

Summer Session: Late May – Mid August

Fall Session: Late August – December

All fellow applicants will be asked to rank departments in order of the preferences. Preferences will be taken into consideration based on applicants qualifications and the committee’s needs. All fellows will be required to commit to 20 hours per week in 4 hour blocks. Fellows will receive a weekly stipend of $200. Please find department fellow descriptions below.

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Duties: The Research Fellow would assist the Communications Department in monitoring and clipping press coverage about state legislative sessions, politics, and campaigns. The Fellow would be responsible for conducting in depth research for the team on candidates, legislation, issue positions, and campaign finance materials. The Fellow would be given the opportunity to draft research summaries, blog postings, social media postings, and other materials. In addition all fellows are required to cover the reception desk; answering calls, greeting guests, and overseeing the conference room schedule as needed.


The Digital Fellow will help write email blasts, craft social media posts, and build petition and donation page. The Digital Fellows will assist the team in developing strategic digital campaigns and assist with routine maintenance of our supporter database. Applicants should be passionate about advancing Democratic values and communication with progressive activits in the digital space. 

Duties: The Digital Fellow will write email blasts with strong attention to grammar, accuracy, and theme; Write and deploy signup forms and donation pages; Perform quality assurance on email blasts; Perform daily data maintenance as needed; and compile and summarize results of analytics from email campaigns and social media.


The Finance Department is responsible for raising the funds that are essential for the DLCC’s engagement to expand Democratic majorities across state legislative chambers nationwide. They are an essential source to furthering the operation and mission of the DLCC.  The department provides opportunities for fellows to have hands on experience with different types of fundraising programs and the unique skill sets that go with each.

Duties: The Finance Fellow would assist the Finance Assistant with NGPVAN Database maintenance and donor research and prospecting on an ongoing basis. The fellow would have the opportunity to work in conjunction with the Finance Assistant researching and preparing call time and observe call time with key DLCC principals. During DLCC event season the fellow would assist in event planning and logistics, as well as preparation for in office events.  In addition all fellows are required to cover the reception desk; answering calls, greeting guests, and overseeing the conference room schedule as needed.


Duties: The Political Fellow would assist the Political Coordinator with logistics, preparation of materials, and organization of political meetings, trainings and events. The fellow would be tasked with maintenance of the political database through upkeep and research, as well as assistance with the DLCC’s groundbreaking data project. The fellow would be integral to supporting the Political team with projects as they arise over the course of the fellow’s term. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to gain in-depth knowledge of state legislative caucuses and state politics.  In addition all fellows are required to cover the reception desk; answering calls, greeting guests, and overseeing the conference room schedule as needed.


Duties: The DLCC Operations team supports the organization as a whole in the execution of its mission and 50 state strategy. The fellow would assist the department with weekly reports of contributions received and ensuring they are entered into NGP for internal tracking purposes as well as reporting requirements. The Operations fellow would assist with the receipts and entry of the committee’s direct mail program and other contribution receipts as needed. The fellow would team up with the finance team to assist with acknowledgement/thank you letters, de-duplication of entries in NGPVAN database, as well as coordinate “information requested” mailings as needed for reporting requirements. This fellowship is ideal for someone who is interested in campaign finance both at the federal and state level.